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April 24, 2022

Sherri Papini: Gone Girl Fail?

Sherri Papini: Gone Girl Fail?

Six years ago, Sherri Papini's disappearance engrossed the nation. She seemingly vanished without a trace — only a few strands of her hair and a neatly placed iPhone and earbud were left behind at the intersection of Old Oregon Trail and Sunrise Drive, less than a mile away from her and her husband's Mountain Gate home in northern California (via Redding Record Searchlight). Even when Papini reappeared 22 days later, the headlines wouldn't go away. What confounded official investigators and online sleuths was the lack of motive, the absence of a ransom, and her poor memory, which did nothing to help the investigation. Detectives crossed sex traffickers off the list, and yet they had nothing else.

The easiest answer ended up being the correct one: Papini had made the whole thing up. In 2022, Papini admitted to leaving home of her own free will, and deliberately — her fake abduction was the result of several months of scheming. She stayed safely in an ex-boyfriend's apartment and returned home when she desired, per The Sacramento Bee. The "why" might never get answered; Papini was called a "supermom" who would never have deferred picking up her kids from school, per CNN. But this makes all of the strange, untold truths about Papini and her fabricated abduction more intriguing — and disturbing.


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