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To me, true crime is more than highly sensationalized and salacious stories with little merit. I believe in the power of the true crime community because of its focus on advocating for justice where the justice system failed. Unsolved cases are truly my passion. Every family deserves answers as to what happened to their loved one, who did it and why. Even in solved cases where "justice has been served", telling these stories can be very powerful to protect ourselves and recognize potential red flags in situations we surround ourselves with.

We tend to believe that homicide is something that effects other people. In reality all of us, at one point or another, have came into contact with a predator.  Maybe we were fully aware of these monsters under our beds or maybe we weren’t, but regardless we have made contact with them. Some of us have lost people we loved to these monsters. 

By choosing to analyze what we see on a case-by-case basis, audiences have the power to change the conversation around true crime. The goal of this podcast is to demand appropriate respect for the victims, adequate socioeconomic context for the crimes, and accurate portrayals of police activity.